How long does the certification last?

The course completion cards are good for two years.

Why do classes vary in length?
Experienced students, age, and size of class all play a role in the ability for the material to be absorbed and demonstrated.
Do the first aid courses meet Labor and Industries requirements?
Yes, the course meets OSHA (29 CFR 1910.151) and WISHA (WAC 296-800-150).
How much advance notice is required to schedule a course?
This depends on our availability. Usually, only a few days is necessary. There have been instances of courses given on the same day they were scheduled. Keep in mind that group rates do not apply when the course is instructed with less than 24 hours notice.
Do I need to buy the book?

The American Heart Association BLS HCP course has required reading. You can purchase the student workbooks by visiting the page on this site. Ideally, the student will have read the material prior to attending the course. 

Will there be a test?

This depends. The BLS for HCP course offers a 25 question written exam at its conclussion. All CPR courses finish with a practical skills assessment that is pass or fail. The first aid courses end each module with an open book group quiz.