We provide training in accordance with the 2015 ILCOR guidelines. Private classes are instructed at your location for your convenience.

Why choose Jumpstart CPR & First Aid for your instructional needs?

  • Our on-site delivery reduces scheduling and travel hassles.
  • We focus on student-teacher interaction rather than just lecture from a podium.
  • Our manikins use one-time-use shields preventing cross-contamination.
  • We have price reduction for groups.
  • For a quick synopsis of our classes, refer to the list below.


About COVID 19 and our delivery changes…

Manikins are sanitized and breath delivery is not a part of CPR. Also, the biggest change has to do with the reduction of peer-to-peer first aid practice sessions; rather, the instructor will demonstrate skills several times in substitution to the normal practice arrangement.  Also, the usual video is not to be shown. This is a four hour session emphasizing lessened congregation time. 

Our usual clients have received training regularly from us for years. If this is a first time student group, we will make exceptions to increase learning opportunity. This means increasing student-instructor interaction and more practice experience.

First Aid CPR & AED

Basic First Aid classes that meet OSHA (29 CFR 1910) and WISHA (WAC 296-800-150) requirements.

CPR & AED Training

CPR and AED for the layperson. A variety of classes that can be taught separately or in any combination.

BLS for the Healthcare Provider

Intended for healthcare professionals requiring the BLS for HCP certificate as a condition of employment.